Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 8/4/17

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Well getting ready to have a large amount of people over our house on Sunday. I think I may have been a bit crazy to think that it was a good idea given the state of our house, but here we are! Onto the frugal things I was able to do.

  1. Frugal husband and I both worked extra shifts last weekend.
  2. I spent some extra time checking our accounts and making sure that everything was in order.
  3. I went to Aldi for the first time in a couple of weeks and stocked up on some of the basics we need for baked goods. They also had a great deal on brownie mixes.
  4. There were a couple of times that I really wanted to buy myself lunch instead of eating what we had on hand and I ignored the impulse.
  5. I completed a few surveys for pinecone research.

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