Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 8/18/17

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I’m so late! Frugal Tuesday? I do 2 craft shows a year with my crochet and it occurred to me about the middle of last week that I have less than a month before the first one and I’m severely lacking in inventory, so I’ve been frantically crocheting my fingers off to get ready. It’s a labor of love, I don’t make a ton of money and my hourly wage is probably like $4, but I have a seriously love of crochet so it’s fun for me and the first show I do with my best friend so it’s also a good time to catch up! Anyhoo, the bleeding of money continues for a cat that needs dental work, but we’ve also been working a ton so we should be able to absorb the cost. Here are  5 of my frugal doings for last week:

  1. I went to Whole Foods (or whole paycheck as we say in our house), because I needed one item and I found the kids body wash and the hand soap that we use on major sale, it was $4 less than the regular price I pay for it so I stocked up big time, so we’ll be all set on both for about a year I’d say.  ( Frugal Kids 1 and 3 both have very sensitive skin and frugal kid #3 may have eczema so we have to be careful what we use or they break out. We like Everyone Soap.
  2. On the theme of stocking up, I decided to pad out our pantry a bit more, we needed rice, tomato paste, and diced tomatoes so I bought the biggest bag of rice I could find, and several cans each of the tomato paste and the diced tomatoes. They were a decent price and now we’ll be all set for awhile. I always feel better when I know that we’re stocked up.
  3. I ordered a few Christmas presents for the kiddos. I like to go slow and buy a few things a month and put real though into them instead of having a buying extravaganza in a single month. I keep an eye on my amazon cart for when the prices go their lowest.
  4. I had to buy a bit more yarn (I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been crocheting like mad), and I brought my coupons for Michael’s with me. I was lucky enough that the cashier also had an additional coupon, so the yarn I bought was at my stock up price.
  5. My sister bough Frugal kid #1 most of the gear he will need for soccer. We have a local youth soccer organization and it’s really inexpensive, but they do need gear.

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