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September 1st State of the Frugal Union and Frugal Friday.

business background

Wowza August just FLEW by. Husband and I worked a ton, but we also spent a lot of really nice family time with the frugal kids and enjoyed the last bit of summer before school started back up. We had a number of unexpected bills to the tune of about 3k, but we’ll be able to pay them off on Sept. 7th, so I’m not adding them into the total- the money has been earned, we just have to wait for the paycheck to show up. So here are the numbers

  1. Frugal house- $208,875
  2. Frugal Student Loans- $161,000
  3. Frugal Private Student Loan- $4,600
  4. Frugal Car 1- $17,000
  5. Frugal Car 2- $15,667
  6. Frugal Credit Card #1- $10,450
  7. Frugal Credit Card #2 15,667

If you’re following along, about $2,500 knocked off the top! I’m happy with that, but still feel like our shovel is too small! A reader asked what we did and what our income is. I work at a software company and frugal husband is an academic advisor. Both of our 2nd jobs are the same, we work for a residential school for kids that have social/emotional difficulties. Our backgrounds are both in education.

Our income from the second jobs is variable, but on a given month we’re able to bring in about 7k after deductions give or take. Frugal Husband was laid off last year in the fall and we were BOTH laid off when I was pregnant with Frugal kid #1 so in the last 6 years our income has been all over the place. We’re in a very good spot right now and I feel the urgency to get our debt down as low as possible and get ourselves in a really good spot, so that in the event anything happens to either of our jobs, we’re not relying on credit cards to bail ourselves out. We have a very small amount of savings in the bank (Dave Ramsey recommends 1k until all debt is paid off) and it will stay that way for a bit longer, but eventually I’d like to be able to start putting a small amount away. Our ultimate goal is to pay off enough that one of us can stay home, but we need to have a few more years of steady income before we can do that.

If you’re still with me, our Frugal Accomplishments this past week were fun ones! I was able to get 66lbs of peaches for .60 a pound! I was so excited!! I’ve been canning peach preserves, peach melba spread, and sliced peaches like crazy. The peach preserves were so good that I actually might go back and get another 33lb box to make more.

In addition to the peaches, I stocked up on clearance school supplied and bug spray at Target and the additional day off this weekend is allowing me the chance to go out couponing at cvs which hasn’t happened much lately. We don’t need much there, but as usual they have a good deal on toothpaste and I have some extra care bucks ready to go.

The fall always puts me in the mood to stock up, so I’ve also taken inventory of what we’re running low on and will be keeping an eye one sales as they come up. I took advantage of a great deal on paper towels at target and because we don’t use them much, we’re all set for probably a year.

Anyway, that’s all for me! Thanks for stopping by. Here’s hoping that next month we’ll see an even bigger dent in the savings department.


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  1. Sarah, it sounds like you guys are doing great – you have a plan and you are working hard. That is half the battle! Great price on the peaches. Peach jam is my favourite!! I know when you have kids it seems like expenses are popping up everywhere – just this morning I had to get two new pairs of shoes for my boys. But we can do this!! We can 🙂

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