Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 9/22/17

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Happy Tuesday! We’re ever soooo slowly adjusting to back to school. Frugal kids #1 and #2 are really liking their school and teachers which makes sending them off every day much easier 🙂

On the bills front, we’ve been slogging away and I’m still feeling like we’re still not making progress fast enough- I know this is definitely a marathon and not a race, but being independently wealthy would be really nice right about now. I’ll be writing up an even MORE detailed frugal state of the union on Sunday so stay tuned for that.

I’m still working on different ways to control impulse spending- I’m such a sucker for donuts and treats especially when I haven’t had time to eat breakfast. I’m hoping to organize our pantry between now and Sunday. Frugal Husband and I have the day off together on Sunday and we got reimbursed for an out of pocket expense, I’d like to use some of that money to stock up and do some extra baking for treats, breakfast and school lunches. I sometimes wonder if instead of working the extra jobs, I could use the time off we get every weekend to take money saving measures and it would equal out to the same. I don’t think we’re there yet, but I do think there’s money leaking out because of feeling like there’s no time for anything. Anyhoo, here are my 5 frugal happenings for last week.

  1. I worked at home most days last week which saved commuting and toll costs.
  2. When we got the snow tires put on our van, Frugal Husband did it before work and it was on his way, which saved me time and and the extra trip.
  3. I went to the bread store on Friday which is their .99 stock up sale, I bought several loaves of bread for the freezer and several packs of bagels.
  4. This is one that happens every week but I’ve never mentioned it- we are super super lucky to have my parents and my in-laws available for free child care. This has saved us thousands of dollars and also means that our children have a wonderfully close relationship to their grandparents ( have I mentioned that my parents live next door?).
  5. I re-balanced our budget and I’m thinking of adding some new categories and changing the way we track some items.

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