Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal Five 10/20/17

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Wow what beautiful weather we’ve been having! Global warming aside, it has been nice to enjoy such wonderful sunny weather. Last week was quite the week. Frugal husband and I both had 2 days off. We were able to knock off 2 big things from our master list of never ending items that we need to get done, so that was nice! Frugal kid #3 hasn’t been sleeping, AT ALL which is totally unlike her and a gentle reminder of why we’re done having kids- I don’t think I could take the newborn awake all the time stage again. The snuggles are great, but I’m ready for things to go back to a more normal state. I know this time will pass quickly enough and the sleeplessness will be a distant memory soon enough, but man do I miss sleep.

As a note before I move on to the frugal things we did last week. We do LOTS of frugal things on a daily basis that I don’t account for here ( we don’t have cable, our landline is only for calling locally, we cook from scratch and avoid eating out etc. etc.), I try to mention things here that are different from the norm that people might find helpful.

Anyhoo, here they are:

  1. I cleaned out my yarn! I have sooo much yarn. I have a lot of yarn that I purchased during my less frugal days and when I had just started learning to crochet and didn’t really know that pretty doesn’t always = fun to work with. So, I brought 2 giant boxes to our town dump swap area, when I went back a few hours later it was already gone. It feels good to be able to see everything that I have now and not feel guilty about the yarn I’m not going to be using. It also prevents me from having to purchase more yarn because I can’t find what I already have.
  2. We cleaned out our pantry. We had a gallon of water leak down in the bottom of our pantry 🙁 no fun! But it forced me to do a major clean out. I was able to combine containers of stuff and group like items together. I also used $100 of our normal monthly budget to stock up on peanut butter, jam, pasta, and toiletries. It feels good to have more of a stock of these items that we use all the time.
  3. I took advantage of an offer from target and some good coupons and stocked up on things like toothpaste, shampoo, contact solution and panty liners. I saved $15 in paper coupons and another $50 with cartwheels and a 10% off digital coupon.
  4. We ate soup twice last week. We’re big soup lovers around here and it’s nice on the budget.
  5. I’ve been unplugging our wireless router again at night when it’s not in use. We’ve found that it has a big impact on our electric bill.

Anyhoo, that’s all for me! What did you do last week that was frugal?


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