Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 10/27/17

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Rain rain rain! We’ve been getting dumped on lately which is actually a really good thing because it’s been very dry all month. The kiddos are home from school today due to power outages across the state, but we’ve been lucky so far and still have power. Thankfully our power rarely goes out and the town is quick to get it back on.

So without further ado here are my frugal happenings for last week.

  1. We had soup 3 times last week! With all of the cold and rain it was just what everyone felt like eating. Frugal kid #1 told me that he had a headache and that the only cure was warm soup in his belly 😉 I wrote a whole post about soup here.
  2. I stayed out of the stores as much as possible and when I did go in I only brought a small amount of cash and no credit cards with me.
  3. Frugal husbands rain coat was falling apart and it was an LL Bean coat. I brought it into the store and they didn’t have an equivalent replacement, so they gave me a $30 gift card and it just so happens that all of their outerwear was 40% off so I ended up saving quite a bit of money off of the purchase of a new one. We’re lucky enough to live only 20 minutes from an outlet and we get a lot of Bean hand me downs from my sisters kids. Their return policy is amazing.
  4. I picked up some on sale frames that I’m going to use for Christmas decorating (more on that to come).
  5. It’s been so warm around here we haven’t had to use the woodstove or even the regular heat very much which is always wallet friendly.

Those are my happenings- what are yours?

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  1. LLBean does not refund the money if you are not the original purchaser of the item. I found this out last Christmas my grandson had a shirt that was bought for him when he was just a baby it was very big at the time. I put it up and forgot about it. I took it to the store to trade for his current size and they said no unless you can prove you are the original purchaser.

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