Where have I gone?

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Hi Everyone, I vanished! Mom duties took over for a bit. It started with Frugal Kid #1 and a cold, and then it morphed into Frugal Kid #2 bringing home hand, foot, and mouth disease- we had never experienced that one before ( news flash- it stinks!!).

Finally, last week on Thursday I got a call from my husband while I was out grabbing some groceries that Frugal Kid #3 who had a junky cold, didn’t look too good. I called the Dr. and the Dr. suggested urgent care, we went to urgent care and urgent care sent her by ambulance to the emergency room. She had a bad case of croup. We were released about 4 hours later and she didn’t sleep for more than 40 minutes at a whack for the next 24 hours.

This mind you was 48 hours before a craft show that I was supposed to be super prepared for.

We’re now all on the up and up now, but frugality, life , everything got put on hold to take care of some very sick kiddos.

I’ll be back again on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friendos!!

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