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Frugal Five 12/15/17


Well we’ve been running around like crazy people, but this weekend was the first weekend Frugal husband and I have had off together in a long time, so we spent a lot of quiet and slowed down family time together. The picture above is of malasadas, Portuguese fried dough, that are a tradition for my husband’s family. We went up and decorated the grandparent’s Christmas tree and they were  a big hit with the kids.

Since it was a quiet week, we were able to be a little more frugal than usual. So here are our 5 frugal happenings.

  1. I gladly accepted 6 lbs of deer meat from a wonderful friend. We had the chance to have breakfast together and it was good to catch up!
  2. We were able to keep our food cost way down by using up what we already had on hand (I don’t think the kids even noticed).
  3. I’ve been trying to squirrel away a few extra dollars into a specific “secret” spot in our house that is not to be touched. Frugal husband was towed (totally and completely accidental, he forgot his parking pass for work in our other vehicle) a few months ago and they required $160 in cash (ouch ouch ouch) to get him out, we embarrassingly had to borrow cash from my parents because it was the end of the month and I only take out exactly what we’re going to need every 2 weeks. We don’t have an ATM card and it was after hours, so no banks were open. It was a wake up call that we need to keep a bit more cash on hand “just in case”.
  4. We’ve continued using the wood stove and boy has it been great, we’ve had several nights in the single digits.
  5. I combined errands into a single trip to save gas and time.

That’s all for me for now, we’re starting to plan our goals for 2018 look out for a post soon! How did you do last week?

3 thoughts on “Frugal Five 12/15/17

  1. I definitely keep cash on hand. It has saved our bacon more than once:). It’s a wise idea. I also keep a few bills in the back of my wallet that are “no touch” unless I get into a jam. I’ve used them quite a few times, and the rule is that I have to replace them if I take them out.

    1. I keep a $20 bill in both of our vehicles as a “just in case” it has saved me many times. Much better than scrounging in the seats for enough change to get a gallon of gas!

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