State of the Frugal Union

State of the Frugal Union 4/1/18

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April! Already! We’re enjoying some quieter weekends before we ramp up the hours on our second jobs big time toward the end of the month.

That means April will be pretty normal debt repayment wise, probably a little more than 1k . We have a big bill due in April since we are going to purchase 5 cords of wood.

I’m hoping to be able to have a stellar month for May and it looks like we’ll be able to completely pay off our private student loan as well as cushion the buckets that we have for irregular bills like propane and insurance. By adding some extra now, it gives me more peace of mind that even if we have a lean month between now and when they’re due, we won’t have to take on extra debt to pay them. So here are the numbers for the month of March:

  1. Frugal house- $205,000
  2. Frugal Student Loans- $161,000
  3. Frugal Private Student Loan- $2,999
  4. Frugal Car 1- $13,600
  5. Frugal Car 2- $13,667
  6. Frugal Credit Cards Total- $34,226

That’s $2,453 less than last month! Not quite the 3k that I was hoping for, but not too shabby if you ask me! I’m really gunning for 5 thousand dollars in debt repayment  in May. It will only happen if our no spend month this month goes really well and we are able to really keep our belts tight and work ALL of the many many hours we’ve signed up for. Spring and early summer months when we don’t have any big bills due and no preschool payments tend to be our best months.

Finally if you’re playing along at home and curious that’s roughly $22,511 that we’ve paid off since starting this journey 13 months ago (before this blog was running). I’m so so proud of this number, but I know we can do more and I have plans to DOUBLE that amount in less than a year. For those of you in your own debt journey- how are you doing?

4 thoughts on “State of the Frugal Union 4/1/18

  1. You’re doing great! You’re an inspiration to others, myself included, who are trying to cut down on the debt!!…Vicky in Ky

  2. That is awesome! You will feel soooo good when you can cross one of your debts off your list completely. We have been where you are now and know it is not easy. But is will be well worth all the hard work and sacrifices in the end. The peace of mind is great.

    1. Yes!! I can’t WAIT to delete it off of our budget spreadsheet – the company has been terrible to deal with even though we’ve never missed a payment. I’ll be glad to be rid of them for good! Thank you for the words of encouragement.

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