Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 5/18/18

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Eeesh, it’s been an interesting couple of weekends! It all started with the first weekend hubby and I were both going to be off at the same time. I had so many lofty plans of things I was going to get done and catch up on wellll..the universe had other ideas. I went out on Friday night with my brother for a drink because he was visiting from Seattle and while we were gone a huge storm hit and knocked out power for the REST OF THE WEEKEND. We are lucky enough that my parents (who live next door) have a generator, so we had access to showers and were able to charge devices, but it was not fun, and we lost a bunch of brand new food in the freezer 🙁

The following weekend (mother’s day), I had high hopes again, frugal husband was working for part of the weekend, but not the entire thing. Saturday morning everyone woke up with junky colds and by Saturday night 2 out of 3 kids were up with croup and couldn’t sleep 🙁 that started what feels like an never ending sickness that hasn’t left us since. As I write this child 1 is suffering from his very first ear infection ever and both me and husband are sick. BLEH!

All that to say it hasn’t been very frugal around here AT. All. But we did have some frugality. I’ve been still hanging out laundry as much as possible and the power loss combined with (finally) warmer weather resulted in a $50 reduction in our electric bill (woot!). I stocked up on the jam we like at a decent price- not a huge savings, but leads to savings because having the ingredients for PB&J means less random snacking and spending money on expensive snacks. I also made a tough choice for me personally to not spend money even though I really really really wanted to. We still need to reign it in when it comes to spending lately, but at least I didn’t go hog wild.

Wish us luck! This coming weekend we have 3 days in a row off together, which hasn’t happened in a realllllyyy long time. So we’re hoping to be home warriors – getting lots and lots of cleaning, organizing, family and self care done so that we can go into the next stretch of the year feeling ready.

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