Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 6/8/18

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Happy one year anniversary to my blog! I can’t believe it’s already been a year and that we’ve been on our debt free journey for 14ish months. We’ve made some good progress, but I’m looking forward to next year 😉

This week was kind of a weird mash up of spending and saving money- we paid the unexpected propane bill and bought a new dish washer (waiting impatiently for it to arrive on 6/17). The dishwasher we purchased had an incorrect “for sale” sign on it and without me even asking the floor associate got permission from his manager to honor the price, the amount that got knocked off almost exactly equaled the cost of a 5 year warranty plan woot!

Last weekend was the weekend of no sleep and a sick kiddo and I passed up on some truly truly cheap strawberries in bulk at the local grocery store (.33 a lb!!!). I wanted to buy them so badly but I knew that if I did the likelihood of them going bad was very high and that would not be frugal. So fast forward to this weekend and I hit the mother-load of discount produce. I got about 12 lbs of strawberries for $6 not as good as .33 a lb but still pretty great! I also got several lbs of apples for .59 a lb, some carrots, zucchinis and potatoes for .99 a bag (there were several lbs in each bag).

We had stew with the potatoes and carrots in it for dinner, I made 2 loaves of zucchini bread and I have the beginnings of a batch of strawberry preserves on the stove. It’s a new recipe that I’m trying that calls for no pectin and only 1 cup of sugar per 6 cups of fruit. Frugal husband did all of the washing and hulling of the fruit which definitely saves on time. This is my test batch and if it goes well I’ll use it for the rest of the cut up fruit waiting in the fridge.

We’ve continued to hang out laundry and one day last week I hung 3 loads of laundry in a single day woot!

I’m starting prep for my fall craft fairs and I made sure to print out a coupon before going in and buying some yarn- I have most of the yarn I’ll need, but each year I retire some hats/cowls and put out new ones and I don’t usually decide on what will be new until a few months before- all that to say that I wasn’t stocked up on the yarn I needed for this particular pattern. I love love love the yarn and the pattern! (Pictures soon).

That’s all for me- how did you do this week?






4 thoughts on “Frugal 5 Friday 6/8/18

  1. Ohhhhhh, we had those .33 strawberries here a while back! I bought 21 pounds that day and ended up spending from 12-8 pm in the kitchen dealing with them (a zillion bags of frozen berries for smoothies/baking, and 7 jars of freezer preserves). Worth it, but eesh, that was a LOT of strawberries! I hope your kiddo feels better soon! I’m jealous of your good laundry weather, we’ve had nothing but rain and I had to resort to using the dryer several times.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! She’s on the mend and we’re all sleeping much better 🙂 I questioned my choices regarding the strawberries, but homemade jam is sooooo good compared to store bought and those prices! Hope everything dries out for you soon 🙂

  2. This week I dug out my garage sale special, bread machine. I made two loaves of whole wheat bread. The price of bread is ridiculous! Close to $4 When it is not on sale. $1.89 for store brand on sale. There isn’t a bakery thrift store nearby. My hubby figured out the price to make it at $1 a loaf.
    Our blueberry bush is close to having ripe berries. Each day I pick a handful and freeze them in a quart bag. You need to freeze them on a cookie sheet and then put them in the bag so they don’t clump. Yay for future blueberry pancakes!
    I hung all laundry 2 dry. Had to due it inside due to allergies.
    Father’s Day cards purchased at the dollar store for 50 cents each. Presents from my gift closet. Mailed early for a better rate.
    Ate leftovers and tried 2 have little food waste. FRUGAL FAIL…. some pineapple and strawberries didn’t get finished before going bad.
    Ate all meals home and took snacks and drinks when running errands, so no $ spent out on food.
    I had a GREAT frugal share with my neighbors who have young children. I gave them the library calendar and told them about the free kids activities. Magician, petting zoo, singers, and crafts! I also bought them a huge bag of icepops and wished them happy summer. I practice popsicle diplomacy.

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