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5 ways to be Frugal with Ham

We had a ham last week and it got me thinking about how very frugal ham can be. We personally love the Carando hams (no I'm not sponsored by them or anything, we just really like them) and find that 2 times a year (after Christmas and after Easter) they go on sale for 99… Continue reading 5 ways to be Frugal with Ham

State of the Frugal Union

December 1st State of the Frugal Union

I've been dreading this post a little bit because our debt on paper went up a considerable amount last month. We didn't work as much at the second jobs and murphy came for another visit. We used a 0% interest balance transfer to cover a number of debts that seemed to happen all at once,… Continue reading December 1st State of the Frugal Union

Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal Five 11/24/17

Woo hoo! My favorite time of year is here!! It's been a HUGE struggle with frugality lately- pretty much everything went off the rails when kids started getting sick. I've been reflecting over the last few days and now that I know what this looks like I can try to do better in the future.… Continue reading Frugal Five 11/24/17


Where have I gone?

Hi Everyone, I vanished! Mom duties took over for a bit. It started with Frugal Kid #1 and a cold, and then it morphed into Frugal Kid #2 bringing home hand, foot, and mouth disease- we had never experienced that one before ( news flash- it stinks!!). Finally, last week on Thursday I got a… Continue reading Where have I gone?

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Frugal Holiday Traditions

When I got out of graduate school I was working in a school and working toward getting my +30, which basically means graduate school plus an additional 30 credits of graduate level work and then you get paid more! Unfortunately I got the +30 and then stopped working in a school (womp womp). Well, as… Continue reading Frugal Holiday Traditions