Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal Five 12/15/17

Well we've been running around like crazy people, but this weekend was the first weekend Frugal husband and I have had off together in a long time, so we spent a lot of quiet and slowed down family time together. The picture above is of malasadas, Portuguese fried dough, that are a tradition for my… Continue reading Frugal Five 12/15/17

Frugal Home

Why soup is my favorite food.

We're BIG soup eaters around here. We eat soup at least once a week year round. We love soup so much that frugal kid #2 eats cheddar broccoli soup on her birthday by request (her birthday is in AUGUST). So why am I waxing so poetically about soup? Well it also happens to be super… Continue reading Why soup is my favorite food.