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When I got out of graduate school I was working in a school and working toward getting my +30, which basically means graduate school plus an additional 30 credits of graduate level work and then you get paid more! Unfortunately I got the +30 and then stopped working in a school (womp womp). Well, as… Continue reading Frugal Holiday Traditions

Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 8/25/17

  If you're here from Repeat Crafter Me - Welcome! I can be contacted from this webpage and if you're interested in ordering a hat like the one in the picture, shoot me a message and I'll send you an invoice. If you're just here checking in- Welcome! I've been talking about a handmade Christmas… Continue reading Frugal 5 Friday 8/25/17

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Christmas in July- Planning for a handmade Holiday.

About 5 months after I had frugal kid number 1 I realized something. It is not possible to work full time and be the kind of Mom who goes all out at EVERY holiday, and birthday and "event". It seems like with 3 kids there is ALWAYS something going on that can be celebrated and… Continue reading Christmas in July- Planning for a handmade Holiday.