State of the Frugal Union

Frugal State of the Union February 2021

Wowee! It has been ages and ages since I've done a Frugal State of the Union post. In fact, the last time I did one, I'm pretty sure frugal husband and I were both still working second jobs! We had so. many. payments. So what has changed? Well, as mentioned, I got a substantial raise… Continue reading Frugal State of the Union February 2021


Frugal Friends!

It has been awhile. Turns out, a pandemic and trying to remote school 3 children while you AND your husband work full time also remotely, is a bit more difficult than anyone expected. Here we are though, pushing through and making slow progress. I have lots of things that I'm ready to write about and… Continue reading Frugal Friends!

Frugal 5 Friday

When life comes at you!

I had all these plans to get back in the swing of things and weekly posting, and then LIFE happened. The last time I was here I think I mentioned that I thought I was being underpaid. Whooaa boy was I being underpaid!! So that could probably be a post all on it's own, but… Continue reading When life comes at you!

Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 3/15/19

I for one am ready for spring! We've had some good melting as of late, but there's still about a foot and a half of snow in our front yard. I'm itching to get into my garden, but it'll be awhile yet before we get there. Anyhoo, here's what we did to be frugal this… Continue reading Frugal 5 Friday 3/15/19

Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 10/12/18

Well here I am! It feels like it has been ages and ages. I will have a real state of the frugal union for November, but for now our finances are a bit of a jumble. A few weeks ago I noticed that a sheet of shingles had blown off of our roof. I told… Continue reading Frugal 5 10/12/18