Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 3/15/19

I for one am ready for spring! We've had some good melting as of late, but there's still about a foot and a half of snow in our front yard. I'm itching to get into my garden, but it'll be awhile yet before we get there. Anyhoo, here's what we did to be frugal this… Continue reading Frugal 5 Friday 3/15/19

Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 10/12/18

Well here I am! It feels like it has been ages and ages. I will have a real state of the frugal union for November, but for now our finances are a bit of a jumble. A few weeks ago I noticed that a sheet of shingles had blown off of our roof. I told… Continue reading Frugal 5 10/12/18

Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 6/8/18

Happy one year anniversary to my blog! I can't believe it's already been a year and that we've been on our debt free journey for 14ish months. We've made some good progress, but I'm looking forward to next year 😉 This week was kind of a weird mash up of spending and saving money- we… Continue reading Frugal 5 Friday 6/8/18

Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 5/18/18

Eeesh, it's been an interesting couple of weekends! It all started with the first weekend hubby and I were both going to be off at the same time. I had so many lofty plans of things I was going to get done and catch up on wellll..the universe had other ideas. I went out on… Continue reading Frugal 5 Friday 5/18/18

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Frugal 5 Friday 4/20/18

It has been a busy few weeks and we had a wicked stomach bug and a cold hit 2 of the kiddos 🙁 there hasn't been much sleep happening lately and everyone has been on survival mode. I'm hoping with the arrival of nicer weather and a week off from school we'll have better luck… Continue reading Frugal 5 Friday 4/20/18