Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 10/12/18

Well here I am! It feels like it has been ages and ages. I will have a real state of the frugal union for November, but for now our finances are a bit of a jumble. A few weeks ago I noticed that a sheet of shingles had blown off of our roof. I told… Continue reading Frugal 5 10/12/18

Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 6/8/18

Happy one year anniversary to my blog! I can't believe it's already been a year and that we've been on our debt free journey for 14ish months. We've made some good progress, but I'm looking forward to next year 😉 This week was kind of a weird mash up of spending and saving money- we… Continue reading Frugal 5 Friday 6/8/18

Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 5/18/18

Eeesh, it's been an interesting couple of weekends! It all started with the first weekend hubby and I were both going to be off at the same time. I had so many lofty plans of things I was going to get done and catch up on wellll..the universe had other ideas. I went out on… Continue reading Frugal 5 Friday 5/18/18

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Frugal 5 Friday 4/20/18

It has been a busy few weeks and we had a wicked stomach bug and a cold hit 2 of the kiddos 🙁 there hasn't been much sleep happening lately and everyone has been on survival mode. I'm hoping with the arrival of nicer weather and a week off from school we'll have better luck… Continue reading Frugal 5 Friday 4/20/18

Frugal 5 Friday · Home

Frugal 5 Friday 3/23/18

The last 2 weeks have flown by! We're still waiting on spring to show up- but hey my mulberry trees came in the mail today, so at least Gurney's thinks that spring is coming. The foot and a half of snow in our front yard can make it's exit any time now. On to our… Continue reading Frugal 5 Friday 3/23/18