Frugal 5 Friday

Frugal 5 Friday 8/11/17

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I’m going to admit, this week was a struggle. It was hard to work extra hours, and hard to see our debt tick up because of unexpected bills. I know that this is just a fact of life and that we will get over the obstacle, but in the moment things feel unsurmountable and that we’ll be in debt or working 60+ hours a week forever. We’re so close to getting to a point where working extra hours will be good, but not necessary, but we’re not there yet and I’m tired of the drudgery. So a little bit of a Debbie Downer post today- but hey, sometimes I feel like when I go to personal finance blogs they’re already through the thick of it and have it all figured out- I’d love to see someone else who is just like me, in the weeds and figuring it out!

Despite my grumpiness today and this week, I did complete some frugal things…

  1. Frugal husband got towed, which was not frugal at all, but was a complete accident on his part, so no bad feelings there. I’m putting it here because in a real lemons into lemonade moment, we stopped at Aldi while I was down there  helping him get his car out and saved having to do a separate trip and pay the gas, tolls, and time to go with it.
  2. We had our big party and 30 people came!! In an effort to keep food cost down we skipped grilling and served more things like meatballs, salads and crockpot hotdogs. I got several complements on food and I don’t think anyone noticed.
  3. We didn’t fix our yard- this one is a weird one, but in the past knowing that people are coming over I would have done everything possible no matter the money to get our house/yard looking great. Our yard looks awful right now because when the contractors were here they drove all over the lawn and ripped it up, BUT it would cost an arm and a leg to fix it the way we want it and we just don’t have the money. We’ve decided to wait at least a year and save the money before doing it rather than paying it off after the fact. Guess what?! Everyone still had a good time.
  4. In a moment of no time and just a few basic ingredients I made a pot of chicken noodle soup and there were NO leftovers- that’s how you know the fam liked it and it was less than $10 for 5 people.
  5. We got some hand me downs from our niece for Frugal kid #3 woo hoo free clothes!

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear about your frugal week in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Frugal 5 Friday 8/11/17

  1. I love how you didn’t fix your yard, but the people still had a good time. We tend to forget that people are there to see us, not our things!

    1. So true! I also see everything that we could have done and forget all of things that we’ve accomplished- our house looks soooo much better, but I just see the flaws.

  2. I love that you kept the food simple for your get together. I tend to stress over things and forget that most people like easy to eat foods and simpler foods. It makes for less work on the servers part and less clean up.

    1. Thank you! It’s so true- I had so many people tell me how much they liked the food and it was so basic. I think everyone likes it when someone else cooks- doesn’t matter what it is 🙂

  3. been in the weeds since 2007 , the weeds became trees in 2008. Just found our way out in Dec 2017…to have both 20 yrs old vehicles break down…back into the weeds. You are not alone.

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